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"I don’t want to taste the rainbow I want to look like a distant vengeful doom inflicting goddess."

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this stupid fucking Ryan picture was just staring at me with his goddamn eyebrows and his fucking smirk and GOD I HATE YOU WHY ARE YOU PERFECT


When Ryan first started joining in with AH productions as a proper cast member, he was kind of quiet and people in the fanbase weren’t sure about him, and now, all it takes is a few seconds of seeing a crown being lowered onto his head without seeing his face to prompt a huge amount of cheering

I think that’s kind of inspiring


We recently adopted a couple of kittens. This one, Starbuck, enjoys chewing on books


When you make a reference and someone actually gets it.



my achievement hunter birthday cake ❤️


Whoa snap got my first bash on a cosplay on my own page instead of from some random place on the internet, damn, I must be makin’ it.#StartedFromTheBottomNowWereHere 

Seriously though, I always find it bizarre when people feel the need to tell you what you are. “You’re obese.” No way, really? I had no idea I was extra large, thanks for the reminder? Though in all honesty if you’re here to tell me I’m fat and you’re following me just to do so then I’m sorry that you don’t have anything else to do during the day then to tell fat people that they’re fat. I mean next you’ll tell me I’m black *gasp* 

I guess it was a bit clever with the whole “eating yourself to death” bit, but I’m wondering if people just get their insults from a book that was written before cosplay even existed, because stuff like that has been said about cute chubby folks for ages. I’ve been called my fair share of names before I bestowed my large body with a hoop skirt and dress so reminding me of my juicy bits isn’t news to me, or to anyone on this page who follows me, but again if you feel the urge to shout FAT then just keep preaching to the choir around you, I’ll just keep wearing whatever I want and having a good time.

Brichibi out. *mic drops from chubby hands*



i will always find a way out